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Our company provides quality Missouri home energy assessments (energy audits) and Home Project Management Services throughout the greater St. Louis city metropolitan areas, including St. Louis County, Jefferson County MO, and surrounding areas.

An energy efficient home is a comfortable home!

According to windows Richmond Hill experts there are two leading concerns homeowners typically have with their home is comfort and high utility bills. Our company is uniquely qualified to address both of these issues. Our mission is to provide homeowners with the most cost effective solutions to their homes comfort & energy waste concerns. Our energy auditor is a former HVAC serviceman/installer with a degree in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration and is certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a Building Analyst & Envelope Professional.

A properly functioning furnace & air conditioner is just one part of the comfort equation. Of equal importance are factors such as ensuring the system is sized to match the heating & cooling loads of the home, that the duct work is properly sized & designed to deliver the proper air flow, and finally, that the house is air sealed & insulated correctly so that the entire conditioned area of the home is surrounded by a continuous & contiguous "thermal envelope".

The key to having an energy efficient home is to not only make what uses energy more efficient, but also to improve or eliminate what causes it to use energy in the first place. Obvious examples of this would be replacing an older inefficient furnace with a new high efficiency furnace, and having exterior window shades installed to reduce heat gain from the sunlight entering the home through the window. Also providing proper Alpharetta windows replacement is important for your home energy efficiency, that will allow you to forget about drafts and colds during winter. There is, however, much more to it than the previous examples would indicate. The furnace is connected to the duct work, the duct work may be connected to the attic, unconditioned basement or crawlspace and the window is connected to the wall and the wall is connected to the attic and unconditioned basement or crawlspace; eventually, everything in a home is connected to each other and ultimately to the outside.

We now offer our Home Project Management Services. This service is perfect for the homeowner who doesn't have the time or technical expertise to oversee their home improvement projects. We act as your own personal assistant in finding the right contractors, help you sort through their bids & estimates to find which ones make sense and are the most cost effective. We then provide quality control to make sure the work you've paid to have done is done correctly.

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Please contact us today at e-mail(Info@Mohomeenergyaudits.com) to schedule your Home Energy Assessment. Our certified auditor will examine your home using state of the art diagnostic equipment & software, check your windows and doors, walls insulation and state of the roof to determine exactly what can be done to turn your home into a more comfortable and energy efficient home. Windowscanada.com windows and doors provider in Strathmore will assist our works.

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