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We provide professional diognostics of heating & air conditioning (cooling) systems in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and surrounding areas. Homeowners who are contemplating a replacement of their older HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning), or even who had their systems already replaced and would like a second opinion as to the quality of the installation are advised to read the valuable information on this page.

The most important step in purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner is educating yourself. This page is dedicated to helping you in this simple process.

Here is a short list of important facts that a homeowner needs to know before making any purchase of heating or cooling equipment: This page is under construction and I will be adding to it to make it more complete as time goes by. If you have a specific question, please click on the Contact Us to pose your question.

1. The primary provider of comfort in the home IS the home itself and not the hvac system.
Improved home went from 5 tons to 2 tons of A/C

2. Sizing hvac equipment to match the heating & cooling needs of the home is very important.
Bigger is not better

3.A heating & cooling SYSTEM involves more than just a furnace, evaporator coil and condenser.
System efficiency involves more than just the equipment

To properly achieve thermal comfort & energy efficiency is a very simple process that involves 3 simple steps:

    1. Make your home well air sealed & insulated
    2. Purchase high efficiency heating & air conditioning equipment that is
        sized & designed to keep up with, not exceed, the homes heating &
        cooling needs
    3. Connect that equipment to a duct system (for forced air systems) that
        is designed & sized correctly for the equipment being installed.

The good news is that there is not necessarily a higher initial cost associated with following the 3 simple steps to comfort & energy efficiency, and even better, there is a definite lower operating cost (utility bills) that will put money back into your pocket every year, and there is a definite increase in comfort that you will experience throughout the whole home.

Please re-visit this page for a detailed explanation on this subject.