When we are talking about home energy efficiency, we should remember that it cannot be cheap. Today various innovative wall panels are becoming more and more popular by saving the warmth in your house and energy bills as well.

Whether the other company is an independent auditing company, or a full service company that is offering ridiculously low-cost or even free audits, our company will meet or beat their price of an energy audit.*

A full service company is a company that sells products & services other than energy audits. These are the companies that will offer free or low-cost energy audits as a means of attracting you to their company so that they can sell you their other products & services. It's called a "loss leader". They have faith that once their salesperson gets inside your home that they will be able to make up for that loss by selling you their other products & services. Some of these companies don't even perform the actual service they advertise. They subcontract it out to another company and add an additional mark-up of 5% to 25% to the price, so now you have two contractors making a profit off of you for the same work!

An independent energy auditor is one who offers no products or services other than an energy audit. You will never see an independent energy auditor offering free or low-cost energy audits. Such a company has only one valuable service to offer and they put a reasonable yet profitable price on that service. is such a company.

Trying to save money by choosing one these "free" or low-cost energy audits can end up costing you big time in unnecessary & overpriced products & services. Do you really want an energy assessment provided by a company whose only way to recoup the real cost of their energy assessment is to have their energy assessment recommend products & services that they sell?

When you are going to buy or sell a home whole home cleaning services are needed. Find professional cleaners for your Vaughan home and make your home shine!


When thinking about home energy saving activities the most important ones include new innovative windows and entry door installation from companies like using modern materials allowing to forget about any drafts and colds at home. Then it is the time to think about professional HVAC system and all household appliances.
- Our company offers no products or services other than energy assessments, so you can rest assured that you will receive honest & unbiased recommendations as to the most cost effective energy conservation measures needed for your home. Our prices are honest and contain no hidden fees or mark-ups.
- Our assessments empower you as a consumer by eliminating the salesperson trying to sell you something you may not even need. Knowing what you need gives you the power to find the best provider at the best price.
- Our company will stand by you throughout the whole process of implementing your homes improvements and will address any questions or concerns you may have throughout that process.

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